How It Works

We source quality items for YOU at great prices.
We work hard to secure quality products that are in demand for low prices.
Our items go on sale every Thursday at 12PM PST. We have a high, but limited, quantity of a specific item for sale.
Get In EARLY for the BEST DEAL
You are guaranteed a good price on each item. As more and more people purchase the inventory. The price you pay goes down.
Promote the sale to ensure the BEST DEAL
Share the deal over Social Media and more people with buy. Ensuring that you get the BEST DEAL.
Refer friends and receive EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS and REWARDS
Share your personal invite codes and links. For everyone you refer you will receive a discount on an item and rewards points
The SALE ends
The sale ends after 5 days. At which time you will be billed for the item with any discounts included.
Do it AGAIN next week!
Another amazing sale will begin the next week. Who knows what you will be able to get at an amazing discount!